Saturday, July 5, 2008

Spas of America

i have been so grateful to all of you for clicking away on the (click!) Spas of America links that i have been putting at the end of all my posts. i'm still in the top two!

please keep it up! click as many time as you like, i appreciate it!

i thought i would take a moment and explain again what i am hoping to win.

if i win, myself and two other Total Beauty bloggers would win a spa experience sometime on or before october 31. fabulous enough, you would think, right? well it doesn't stop there! we will also get the opportunity to write a 500-700 word review of our experience, and it will be professionally edited. i can't even begin to think of how fabulous that would be!

our review would not only be on the (another opportunity...) Spas of America website, but in their newsletter. Total Beauty will also publish it to their website and newsletter, and i would publish it here.

the reviews will be linked back to their respected authors and that would give more exposure to people who don't know about these blogs (who doesn't know about my blog...ha! i'm kidding!)

so please continue to help! you are doing great! i love the fact that you have been doing so much to help this stay-at home mom get a little pampering and an amazing writing assignment!

i will continue to update you on my standing in the contest (check it out here, scroll down). it runs until august 4th, and the winners will be announced august 5th!


discover a new spa!
Spas of America

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