Friday, August 1, 2008

Jessica Simpson on the September cover of Elle Magazine

all of the big, fat fashion-laden magazines will soon be in our hands, and you may know the covers are a big deal. Elle decided to play it safe by putting Jessica Simpson on it's cover (more on that in a second).

backing up a bit, i have to say, i always look forward to the september issues of magazines (hubby always asks, "what's in there, a novel?"). they get me all pumped and excited for the seasons to change...

wait, i live in southern california, what seasons?

actually, i mean, i get excited for the weather to cool down a bit .

ok, enough rambling, the september issue of Elle has Jessica Simpson on it's cover, and unfortunately i have to say, yawn....

not that i don't think she was a good choice. when she was on the mag's march 2007 cover, it was a huge seller. when she appeared on the cover of the september 2004 issue, it became the biggest seller of the last seven years. she's an excellent choice.

so why the yawn?

well, her outfit is boring. for a september cover, i expect more fall fashion, less look-at-me-i'm-now-a-country-singer-so-i-wear-a-big-belt-buckle-on-my-jeans look, you know? don't get me wrong, her hair and makeup look fabulous, but maybe a shirtdress or even something she wears in the issue (like the Chloe dress in the pic, left) would have would have been a better choice. that's just my opinion.

i also have another issues with the cover, but it's a little obvious, and anyone with eyes can see the problem, so i won't even mention it...(smile)

anyway, Elle feels confident, and really i only care to see and read what's in the issue!

what do you think of the Elle cover featuring Jessica Simpson?


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