Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Broadway Nails- a great artificial nail that won't damage your natural nails

if you're ever looking for a quick, inexpensive way to give your nails a perfect finish, you should try Broadway Nails Real Life Nail sets.

i used to have acrylic nails, but 2 years ago, i gave them up. my naturally strong nails became thin and sensitive, so i decided enough was enough. my nail beds are naturally long (as you may have noticed in my NCOTW posts), so growing them beyond my fingertips makes them look long.

of course i now keep them short, and since i like to wear darker and brighter nail polish, i just don't feel like i need to have super-long nails. so how would my experience be with these nail enhancements?

they work great! they are durable and give a beautiful look. they file easily to fit your nail, and come in a variety of lengths and sizes. the claim is a 10 day wear, and on me they lasted about 6-- i put them through a lot--typing, cleaning, etc.-- but the thing that i loved the most about these nails is that they didn't cause any harm to my natural nail!

there were enough in the box, so i put some on my 8 year-old (she begs for "fake nails" every time we see them in the nail care isle) and she loved them too! she wanted to share, so here are her before and afters:

find Broadway Nails online and in a drugstore near you.

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