Tuesday, September 9, 2008

L'Oreal Feria Party: before and afters!

i told you about the L'Oreal Feria Party, and now here are the results! i had fun with my friends, and though it had to be short (we had to do it during the day), i am always happy to spend time with friends.

Amanda before and after:

Amanda used #45

Lori before and after:

Lori used # 50

and my before and after:

i used #40

thankfully, i shot this pic of my hair right after i colored it. i had hubby take a pic of the whole back of my head, and planned to get him to take the after, but since i procrastinated a couple of days, and my hair was given a very different style, needless to say, i didn't do it.

so what do you think?

these photos will be part of a gallery that you can visit, and with each visit, you help me get closer to the chance to visit Paris for Beyond Beauty! it will be an opportunity for me to not only see the fabulous city, but to get the inside scoop on all of the industries newest beauty goodies.

i should be getting a link soon, so when you see it, click, click away! i need your help, so thank you in advance for all of the clicks!

do you want to be included in the gallery? why not pick up a box of Feria, or host a Feria party of your own! take before and after shots and email them to me! if you or your friends don't want to show faces, just take a pic of the back of your hair! i would love to have you participate! plus, it will give everyone the opportunity to see new pictures!

i'll be sure to let you know when the photo gallery is updated. hopefully, i can get some more friends to get involved as well. :)

stay tuned, and send in your pics!


photos taken by me :)

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