Thursday, September 18, 2008

hair therapy: Y-Y Olive Tree Shine Serum

i love shine products. period.

if something promises shine, i am attracted to it. Y-Y Olive Tree Shine Serum is a fabulous, natural shine inducing product that gives hair not only the shine you want, but good-for-your-hair ingredients like panthenol (vitamin B5), sweet almond oil and vitamin E.

i appreciate the fact that one or two pumps of Olive Tree Shine Serum goes a long way and it's great in those running-out-the-door-but-still-styling-or-applying-something mornings (come know what i'm talking about!).

i love the smell of this, and i always run a bit over my daughter's hair with it, even though she doesn't need it, because i want to smell it everywhere! to me, it is a fabulous combination of citrus and floral, which are two of my favorite smells!

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