Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New York Fashion Week's Best Hairstyles

being prepared is never more simple than paying attention during fashion week's runway shows. there you will find the styles that will play a major role in the way you do your 'do the following season.

if you didn't see any of the shows or would rather wait to have it all gathered up for you in one place, here it is: content:

Hot Runway Hairstyles

From classic updos to perfectly disheveled waves, here's a sampling of some our fave hairstyles from the spring '09 fashion shows

Hot Runway Hairstyles

The hair trends for spring are already being determined for us by the hair geniuses backstage at New York Fashion Week. Think sleek buns, beachy textured hair extensions, braids and twists. You'll never be bored with your hair if you try these styles.

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