Saturday, September 6, 2008

it's Fashion Week in NY!!

so if you didn't already know, NY Fashion Week kicked off yesterday. for the next week designers will be presenting their lines, getting everyone excited for the weather to warm up again, and makeup artists and hairstylists will be creating the latest makeup and hair trends for the spring '09 season.

while i was invited to attend, i was unable to go (trying not to cry...), so i am going to do my best to update you on all of the fabulous happenings that are taking place as i find the information, and also via my blogging friends who are there!

why not start by visiting to see Twitter updates, video and pictures. it will be updated regularly, so check back often!

also, check out the cool widget on the right sidebar that contains Twitter updates from MAC senior artists who are working backstage (scroll down a bit) cool!

stay tuned!


photo: Erin Fetherstone spring 2009 collection/getty images

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