Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jennifer Lopez on the Cover of Elle Magazine

looking quite beautiful (motherhood agrees with her!), Jennifer Lopez covers the october issue of Elle magazine.

in the issue she discusses everything from her love of fashion and glamour, to becoming a mom ("all of a sudden," she says, "the world is very clear. ‘this is important, this is not, this is okay, this is not.’ that’s what the world comes down to.") to how she found out she was pregnant.

since Jennifer has become quite the style icon, the photo spread includes some fabulous shots of her with 9 of her favorite designers (and some of mine), including Micheal Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, the co-creator of Marchesa, Georgina Chapman and Oscar de la Renta.

visit for all of the photos and an excerpt of her interview.



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Anonymous said...

I found Mixed Chicks products in an editorial in Elle, October. Thank you, Elle. You were right. Those products did fix my frizzy hair. It is soft and shiny...and NOT embarassing anymore. I love you Mixed Chicks and Elle!