Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kiehl's "Aloe Vera" Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser

from Kiehl's comes the first 100% biodegradable formula and fragrance that also happens to be the first beauty product with Cradle to Cradle Certification.

"Aloe Vera" Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser provides refreshing and gentle cleansing, is formulated without parabens, is packaged in a 100% post consumer recycled (PCR) bottle.

all of Kiehl's net profits from the sale of this product will support the work of JPF ECO SYSTEMS, a charitable partnership created by Kiehl’s and Brad Pitt to maximize awareness of environmental sustainability.

"Kiehl's formulated this product to minimize the impact we have on our environment. all proceeds will go to benefit green initiatives around the globe." -Brad Pitt

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