Thursday, September 11, 2008

nail color of the week: Misa Lace Teddy

i went for a mani yesterday because, well, i just wanted to.

my kids were in school, i had the time, and i just wanted someone else to do my nails (it turns out the place i usually to go to went out of business-- darn, i liked them!-- so i went to a new place, and the woman who did my nails is fabulous!).

so relaxing...

ok, moving on-

i chose a fabulous it-could-be-pink, it-could-be purple color from Misa called Lace Teddy. it's a discontinued color with a very sexy name, and i think it is fitting for this shade. it has a bit of iridescence that is always adds a bit of mystery to a this one.

photo taken by me in the salon- LOL! :)

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