Thursday, September 11, 2008

review: Bliss Naked Body Butter

Bliss Naked Body Butter is everything a girl could want from her body cream: it's thick with out being heavy, absorbs well, makes skin fabulously soft and has absolutely no scent.

i like to use this at night (when skin is most receptive to treatments), so i can wake up with the most smooth skin. i love lotion, and can't sleep if i don't moisturize before i hit the pillow.

i also like to use during the day, in the moring after a shower, after washing my hands, just because, etc, etc....

you get the idea!

but seriously, this really is a great product. it costs a little more than some are willing to pay for a body cream ($35 for 8.5oz), but hey, i know some of you have your luxury products that you wouldn't trade for anything, so you understand, right?

find Bliss Naked Body Butter whereever Bliss ia sold and online at


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