Friday, November 28, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker Clothing Line Needs a New Home

i just read in NY Mag's blog, The Cut, that Sarah Jessica Parker will need to find a new home for her Bitten clothing line.

less than five months after its first bankruptcy filing, Steve & Barry’s filed for bankruptcy again again, and plans to liquidate.

SJP told The Cut last night at the new york city ballet's opening-night celebration that she's actively seeking a new retail partner.

"we have a lot of home offers," Parker said. "we have to make sure that any partner we enter into an agreement with wants the same thing for the brand as we do, which is to serve the customer first. you know, it can’t be about commerce, it has to be about the customer, and we have to see who’s really willing to be that generous."

she said she wants to continue the brand's original mission of offering affordable clothing.

if you've shopped her line, you know nothing is more than $20.

"now, more than ever, people need all things that are about economy," she continued. "so i want very much to continue it in the right way. so we just have to figure out what’s right for the customer, and how to do it in these economic times."

i hope she will find a home for the line soon! i myself have a few pieces from the Bitten collection that i love, so i'll keep you posted!



actionashleigh said...

Wow I had no idea! I guess people really were mad that S&B's raised their prices! Ha. Really, though, I like SJP's line. She has a lot of really cute pieces, right down to her clutches and a few of her jackets were even nice last year. I hope she finds a home for it soon, and that the clothes stay affordable!

trinawalker said...

Hi Monique, thanks for tracking me down. I have thought of you often and lost your info. How are you?

trinawalker said...

love your site! Thanks for all of the tips....maybe you can put some Body Shop products on there? :)

Anonymous said...

Soy de Salta, Argentina, estoy interesada en la línea de ropa de S.J.Parker, alguien me puede dar alguna dirección de e-mail para contactarme con alguien de la empresa para poner una tienda de la marca?

monique said...


Lo siento, no estoy seguro. que se de la linea se llevo en Steve and Barry's. usted puede tener un aspecto en contacto con su oficina corporativa para obtener mas informacion. esta es la direccion de correo electronico para consultas: y, por supuesto, usted puede email de servicio al cliente asi como:
buena suerte!


Unknown said...

I looked for a forum to comment on SJP's clothing line and found this one first. I HAVE TO SAY; for those of you who haven't purchased any of the actual clothes, the stuff is far, I mean FAR from quality merchandise! Not one single piece from her line (i.e. shirts, pants, etc..) have lasted more than ONE washing! The materials used are literally the cheapest I've ever purchased. You can actually SEE through the t-shirts and if that's not enough, they literally ended up with holes in them. They may be 'less than 20.00' but they aren't even worth THAT! I've purchased stuff at WALMART that has lasted longer. Heck, even Hanes sweats have lasted longer than her stuff. The styles were nice, but quality = F.
Failed miserably. I'm sure, 1010% sure, she wouldn't wear one piece of her stuff. Of course she has the money to wear and toss it...which is what one needs to accept when buying her stuff. Should be called "Disposable" instead of "Bitten". (incidentally, yes I did follow the care instructions and still, they fell apart) I want my money BACK!!!

Anonymous said...

I actually LOVE the clothes in the Bitten line. I have bought about 10 pairs of the jeans, a jacket, two coats, and several tees and have never had ONE piece fall apart in the wash!! They are not the most expensively made clothes, but I have no problems with them!! I hope she finds a new home for the clothing line and maybe the new one will offer the itmes for sale ON LINE!!!

Anonymous said...

To Andrea, obviously you got a couple of bad pieces. I have numerous pieces of clothing (including 3 pairs of jeans) and I've never had any problems with them. I've had them all for quite a while now (over 6 months and dozens of washes) and nothing has fallen apart. For that matter I've had clothes from Lane Bryant fall apart faster. I truly hope they find a new place for her line soon because I need some more jeans (to replace my none Bitten jeans that have begun to fall apart now).

Anonymous said...

I have pants from the Bitten line and I have had then for over a year now. I love them and hope to buy more when she finds a new home. :)

Anonymous said...

I love my pieces from Bitten ( SJP)!! I hope she finds a new home or even create one herself ( but then the price may rise ) But I really miss being able to shop for her line!

Anonymous said...

I live in NC and was really disappointed to see Steve & Barrys closing. The Bitten line was my favorite and feel like it could really do well. Especially with the economy the way it is now. Its tough for the consumer and the business owners one thing I think that could of helped more was better marketing because everyone I told about the line knew nothing about it. I hope the line is available again sometime soon I know I will be a returning customer.
PS THE JEANS ARE GREAT! I have literally worn mine thin :)