Monday, December 22, 2008

New CoverGirl Outlast Lipstains!

CoverGirl is bringing the hottest runway trend to you with their latest product, Outlast Lipstain! these little felt-tip-marker-looking things are an easy way to have long-lasting color as well as give a light-as-a-feather feeling to your lips.

CoverGirl has set the official launch for next month, but the 10 oh-so-wearable shades are now at! it seems they got a huge shipment, and they have put them up for sale early! also my friend Daneen has spotted them at CVS, so you may just find them in a CoverGirl section near you!

below are some pics of me wearing four of the colors...

on my arm, top to bottom, Sassy Mauve, Plum Pout, Coy Coral, Wild Berry Wink

Sassy Mauve -- i like this color the best, since i am more of a pink or neutral-lip color girl. this one is pretty close to my natural lip color as well.

Wild Berry Wink-- this lipstain is like a fruit punch color. for some reason, i just couldn't get to look so hot (hence the pouty lips, lol!). this is the best i could do...

Plum Pout --looks way more red-toned in person than in this pic. it's really pretty and darker than Wild Berry Wink. if you like to wear a darker lip, this is a color you should try!

Coy Coral comes in an orange tube, and i was surprised at how pretty it looked on. i would have never tried this one on my own. it's a great color!

i tell you, it took me days to get all of these pics...this formula really does stain your lips! and in a way that doesn't leave you reaching for gloss every other minute. it's not drying and there is a color for everyone, thanks to Pat McGrath, of course (if you didn't know, she's the P&G Global Creative Design Director).

Pat says, "over the last few seasons, lipstain has emerged as a key beauty trend on fashion runways. the CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain collection is ahead of the curve with it's novel pen applicator and prestige color palette. it's a great way to update our look and stay on top of the latest runway trends."

find CoverGirl Lipstains now at and wherever CoverGirl is sold, january 2009!

photos taken by me :)


Phyrra said...

Thank you so much for doing color swatches!

I think that Plum Pout is gorgeous :)
Coy Coral also looks nice, too.
I can't wait to give these a try!

So no makeup remover will take them off?

Katee "e-polishblog" said...

I will definitely be checking these out when I spot them at the drug store. Hope you have an awesome Christmas, Monique!!


chelsea said...

My Wal-Mart had a display for these and all but two had already been snatched up! I got the Wild Berry Wink and it's perfect on me. I can't wait to try other shades once they are more widely available. Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

They look so nice on you! I have the coy coral but it comes out in a bright pink on my lips :(