Monday, December 22, 2008

BGM Flashback: Taking Time For Yourself

i wrote the following on jan 23 not only for whoever would read it, but i think as a reminder for myself to do the same. as adults, it's so easy to let the everyday things take over and we wonder why we aren't doing as well as we used to. we need to step away for a bit and do something, even small, that will help us, and as a result will help us be better for others.

read on...

it is very well known that when you take care of yourself you feel better overall. i like to take time to do something everyday. for 30 minutes or an hour, it's me time. reading my glamour or harper's bazaar, doing some yoga, making myself a cup of tea and listening to music, all these things bring me a sense of peace and enjoyment. it gives me a chance to "re-boot", a chance to refresh and appreciate myself. i mean how often do you thank yourself? how often do you buy a new product "just because"?

if you cannot take time everyday, schedule an hour for yourself each week. make it something you've been wanting to do but keep putting off. get a pedicure, read a couple of chapters of that book you started, whatever, just do it, enjoy it and most of all don't feel guilty about it! you will be more beautiful for it. :)

what sort of things do you do to relax, unwind, re-boot?



The LA Pretties said...

Lush has given me bubble bath time and nothing is more important!

Anonymous said...

Great post! We all need to learn to take some time for ourselves.