Tuesday, December 9, 2008

review: Bioelements Quick Refiner

Bioelements Quick Refiner is a liquid exfoliator that i have been using for last couple of weeks, and i have to say i love it!

i always recommend exfoliation when asked about ways to improve skin tone, what to use to soften fine lines and wrinkles, how to keep skin's texture smooth and blemish-free and of course, think of it as most important when fighting against hyperpigmentation.

i think Quick Refiner would be a great formulation to achieve all these results!

using a blend of glycolic and fruit acids, Quick Refiner helps to dissolve away dead surface cells, that not only helps reveal fresher-looking, more even-toned skin, but it also keeps skin clear by helping to unclog pores. the light serum goes on smooth and absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling super soft. i did experience a bit of a sting around areas that were blemished, but i didn't have any other irritation once that feeling subsided.

over the course of using this i have noticed my skin behaving better as well. i have less breakouts and if i do get a blemish here or there, they go away quickly!

have i said that i love this product yet?

find Bioelements Quick Refiner at dermstore.com



Katie Naber said...

i have bumps on my face that seem to have some white smushy stuff inside, not unlike a pimple- yet they are like fixtures on my face, never leaving or turning red as a pimple would. some have turned hard and these bumps- when poked at- release a hard film that can be a tint of yellow.
will this product get rid of this skin problem?

monique said...

hi Katie- i would say that this could definitely help, but still have to recommend that you see a professional skin therapist or dermatologist since i can't see your skin myself. best wishes! :)

James said...

So, its a very good liquid. i never heard about Bioelements Quick Refiner
but i will use it.