Friday, January 23, 2009

my favorite drugtore beauty buys: Max Factor

my favorite drugstore beauty buys is back-- finally! if you're new to reading my blog, this is a weekly feature that shares my picks of fabulous beauty goodies that are low-cost and can only be found at your local drugstore of mass-retailer.

although today i'm feeling a bit under the weather (a 24 hour bug has been going around at my house this past week. somehow i feel like i've gotten it the worst--doesn't it figure?), but i'm determined to bring this to you since i know so many of you loved it last year! this first installment for '09 includes only products by Max Factor. i have been really enjoying their products--they're fabulous-- so here we go...

MAXalicious Lip Glaze lipgloss features a collection of colors that are categorized as Naughty (a mix of bright and dark shades with well, "naughty"-sounding names and a black top) and Nice (lighter, neutral shades with "nicer" names and a silver top) so you can decide what you prefer, but i personally love colors from both! Weekend Getaway (nice) and Champagne Bath (naughty) are both sheer, and i love to wear them alone as well as over a darker shade of gloss like Secret Rendezvous (naughty) or Falling in Love (nice).

Vivid Impact Eyeshadow Duos feature colors that compliment each other, but can be used alone or mixed and matched with other duos to create your own look. these are extremely pigmented, last all day, and have become a favorite shadow of mine (obviously, or they wouldn't be on this list). i use Sultry Sage, Smokin Rose (pictured) and Brassy Berry the most.

Lash Perfection Waterproof Mascara gives my lashes a very separated, lengthened, thickened and defined look. it never clumps and stays in place until i wash it off. i admit i'm not one for waterproof mascaras-- i prefer to be able to remove all of my makeup all at once-- since i never like having super stiff lashes (who does?) and an oil-based remover is usually needed to remove it. i was surprised to find that this never feels too hard which leaves me not minding the extra removal step so much. the results of this mascara are so beautiful! i wonder of the non-waterproof formula works just as well?

have you discovered any new drugstore goodies during the last month? share in the comments!


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Anonymous said...

Monique, sorry to hear that your not feeling well...big hugs to you! xxx
I love the drugstore buys. Maxfactor is awesome and those lip glosses look fab!