Friday, January 23, 2009

review: YBF Skincare Restore

Your Best Face (YBF) Skincare is a fast-growing, much loved skincare brand that i have had the privilege to use for the last few weeks. today i am going to share one of those products, called Restore, that i have found to be simply amazing!

i'm always curious to try new products that will brighten and create a more even tone to my skin. now that i'm in the last year of my 20s, i am not hesitant when it comes to trying products that claim they will make my skin look younger. i am especially drawn to products with ingredients that not only hydrate, but will even out my skintone. over the past several months i have been able to see results from different products, but nothing has made such a huge improvement and worked as quickly as Restore in regards to improving my complexion.

this hydrating, vitamin and antioxidant-rich formula contains an ingredient called spin-trap that functions as an antioxidant, but not in the traditional manner. instead of destroying free radicals, it restores balance to unstable molecules and does a better job of protecting our cells from damage. the result is stronger cells and healthier skin!

i really love this product; after only a few weeks my skin is more even, i wake up practically glowing, and am seeing my not-getting-any-younger skin looking better than it has in months. Restore is lightweight and oil-free, so my skin stays clear (most of the time), and can be used along with my other skincare goodies without a problem (it is also great to use around the eye area!).

find out more about Restore, the YBF company and its founders, as well as the entire line of YBF at and be sure to stay tuned for my review of another great YBF product called Defend.


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