Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bliss Peeling Groovy

Bliss Spa's Peeling Groovy, formally known as Sleeping Peel Serum, is a gentle exfoliation gel formulated to be a triple threat against aging.

while it works to perfect skin's texture, it lightens dark spots (from sun, breakouts or other complexion-related mishaps) and lessens the look of lines and large pores. Peeling Groovy also contains moisture-magnetizing AAE's (amino acid exfoliators) instead of irritating AHAs, so it's great even for those with super sensitive skin (trust me, it doesn't sting or irritate in the least). gentle enough to use day and night, this "for all skin types" serum has changed the apearance of skin for thousands of people, and i'm on my way to becoming one of them.

i started using this about a week ago, but i wanted to share a little bit about it now. so i'll be back with my final judgements in a few weeks. stay tuned!

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