Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Sean John Unforgivable and Unforgivable Woman Gift Sets

thinking of giving a gift this Valentine's Day? consider uber-sexy fragrances by Sean John. packaged in classic, sleek boxes, Sean John Unforgivable Valentine’s Day Sets each contain an eau de toilette and shower gel that will leave your skin feeling clean and smelling amazing all day.

one of my favorite scents, Unforgivable is a great fragrance for him. it's sophisticated and something you will love smelling on him. the citrus blend of italian bergamot, lavender, sicilian lemon, moroccan tangerine, grapefruit, juniper and clary sage, make Unforgivable an undeniably unique and unapologetically sexy scent.

Unforgivable Woman is a sensual, creamy floral created with a tonality of femininity that has never before been expressed in a women's fragrance. soft and oh-so sophisticated, luxurious layers of scent are created through a delicate fusion of the rarest ingredients. the blend of cool citrus and florals, inspired by the sun-drenched seychelles islands, and soft notes of bergamot, orange, neroli, cassis, grapefruit, apple, cucumber, piƱa colada and orange flower keep this fragrance delicate and beautiful.

for a fun, low-cost gift, give an Unforgivable or Unforgivable Woman Champagne Bubble Bath! these bottles contain ingredients to help you enjoy relaxation with the alluring scent of Unforgivable and Unforgivable Woman.

Sean John fragrances are sold at Macy's, Dillards and Sak's Fifth Avenue. to buy online, visit


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