Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hair therapy: AG Hair Cosmetics Split End Spa Repair Serum

AG Hair Cosmetics is launching a new product called Split End Spa repair serum this may, and i have to say that when it does, find your nearest salon that carries it so you can pick it up!

of course, please know that split ends cannot be reversed once they occur (you'll have to get them cut off to get rid of them), but they can be treated so they're less noticeable, and prevented so your hair looks its best. Split End Spa is designed to keep the most fragile part of your hair in good, strong condition so your hair will look great.

i really like this product because as many of you know, i'm growing out my hair from last august. i've only had mini trims done, just to keep it from looking seriously bad, and hydrating and strengthening hair products have been helping me along the way. Split End Spa contains yummy ingredients that not only provide damage control, but also keeps my hair color looking radiant-- love that!

if you have dry, damaged ends or you want a product to prevent damage form happening, definitely give Split End Spa a try come this may.

images provided by AG Hair Cosmetics


Trent said...

I just got some AG and I love it!

diana said...

I need help with my split ends too. This sounds like a great collection from AG. I'll have to stop by my hair salon and check it out. Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

I just bought this product and love it! How often should I use it? Daily, once a week..?