Thursday, March 26, 2009

hair therapy: TS-2 Detailer Mini Flat Iron

if you use a flat iron and have bangs or short hair, the TS-2 Detailer just might be the tool you've been looking for. this ultra-mini flat iron (it's 6 inches!) works just as well as its larger counterparts, but is travel and super-short hair friendly.

the TS2 heats to 400 degrees, features tourmaline/ceramic/ionic- nano technology- utilizes wet-to-dry straightening, and is also fabulous for touch-ups, roots, finishing, and travel (i really like this for getting the hairs close to my scalp around my face).

p.s.-- this little thing gets really hot, so it comes with a heat-resistant mit to protect your hand-- cool, huh?

find the TS-2 Detailer at


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