Friday, May 8, 2009

Dress Up Your Summer!

the heat is on-- at least here in socal. so instead of complaining (well, ok...i admit, i do complain a bit-- it's hot!), i take it as an opportunity to seek out items that will keep me looking great and feeling cool all season. my best bet is always a dress-- these are some of my picks...

this bright Forever 21 Ruffle Floral Chiffon Dress is flirty and fun, and would be great to wear to the park or grocery shopping (wearing something cheerful like this makes it a little bit more enjoyable).

this Plaid Party Dress would be so fun to wear to summer barbeques!

this dress has little details that make it more sophisticated-- and perfect for a casual night out.

if i had any weddings to attend this summer, this Suzi Chin Maggy dress would be great, but since i'm not, it would still be great to wear for another occasion!

here are some other dress picks i think would be great for summer:


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