Saturday, May 9, 2009 Find Your Ideal Glam Lipcolor

love discovering a new lipcolor? Max Factor has a great new line of them, called Vivid Impact that is creamy and smooth, leaves lips feeling moist and delivers a punch of color worthy of beong worn on the runways of new york. i'll be posting my official review about them soon. in the meantime, you can take this fun quiz to find out what shade would suit you best!
What's Your Ideal Glam Lip Color?

Take this quiz to find out which lipstick shade reflects your personal taste

What's Your Ideal Glam Lip Color?

Soft on the inside yet bold on the outside, highly pigmented lip colors can speak volumes about your personality -- before you've uttered a word. Find out which shade of the beauty editor- and consumer-favorite MAX Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor you should be wearing.

Take the quiz


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