Wednesday, May 27, 2009

hair therapy: Ted Gibson Daily Cleanse Shampoo & Daily Nourish Conditioner

Ted Gibson is the hair guru to the stars, and many of my beauty blogging gal pals love him. i myself have never me the man, but hope to someday! then i can tell him face to face how much i love his shampoo, Daily Cleanse, and his conditioner, Daliy Nourish.

first of all, i love the packaging- they are so pretty and look great in the shower (i have a lot of products in there, and they definitely stand out)! the intoxicating, yet light, smell of sweet citrus from each is so inviting and makes washing my hair such a fabulous experience. another great thing about both is that they are also light in texture, but really do their jobs well! my hair always feels silky soft and is full of shine (and don't tell him i told you, but hubby used these on his beard and was impressed at how soft they left it-- seriously).

the shampoo is formulated with five different cleansing agents to remove dirt and oil from hair without stripping it of moisture or your beloved haircolor. the conditioner contains nine conditioning agents to also add moisture, balance and strength to strands-- did i already mention the smell?-- a-ma-zing!

so now you know how i feel about these products-- have you tried them yet? if not, check them out. you can now find Ted's products at Target-- legitimately-- as well as his website and


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