Wednesday, May 20, 2009 7 Skin-Damaging Crimes

you probably already know that things like smoking, not wearing sunscreen and excessive tanning can lead to premature aging (well, at least i hope you do!), but there are also some "skin sins" you may be committing that will take you down the aging path faster than you might think. so if keeping your youthful look for as long as possible is your goal, be sure not to commit these...
Seven Deadly Skin Sins

Want gorgeous skin? Start by making sure you don't commit any of these skin-damaging crimes

Seven Deadly Skin Sins

We hate to get preachy on you, but if you want your skin to look great well into your 80s, you'll follow this advice, courtesy of dermatologists and skin care experts. When asked what the worst possible things for our skin are, these topped their lists. So now, repeat after us, "thou shalt not"...

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