Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Introducing Q-tips Vanity Packs

i love Q-tips-- i use them literally everyday. they are a must-have for cleaning up my makeup mistakes and smudging my eyeliner to create a sultry, smoky eye. now they come in fabulous packaging to give counters and vanities a stylish punch of color!

using Q-tips aren't just for us regular folk, either. celeb makeup artists Mally Roncal and Troy Jensen both use Q-tips when creating beauty looks.

Mally, creator of the amazing Mally Beauty Cosmetics line, says: "give your neutral eyeshdaows a vacation! think outside the box and try a bold plum or teal eyeliner to line your upper lashes. use a Q-tip cotton swab to blend the lines for a soft, modern look."

Troy Jensen, who works with stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, and keeps his own blog, also includes Q-tips in his beauty arsenal: "you don't have to be a celebrity to look flawless...whether you are on the red carpet or running to dinner, Q-tips can rescue your beauty routine by touching up everything from runny mascara to smeared eyeshadow! they are an excellent alternative to using makeup brushes-- they provide precise makeup application, are great for softening the season's bright colors and safe for delicate skin around the eyes."

this blue and grey floral box would look great on your counter!

i think Q-tips did a great thing creating these new designer packages. it makes my everyday makeup companion so stylish, and of course, the product inside is just as good as ever.

for more beauty tips and tricks from Mally and Troy visit qtips.com!


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