Monday, June 8, 2009

review: 3Lab 'M' Cream

3Lab's "M" Cream came to me by way of Beautyfix, and i am in love with it! it uses advanced science along with natural ingredients, and promises to bring firmness, radiance and moisturization to parched skin.

let me tell you, it delivered!

not only uber-luxurious, this gel-cream hydrates fabulously and leaves my skin looking so fresh. it isn't greasy in the slightest and as soon as i use it, my skin perks up-- even on mornings that i had had little sleep, my skin still appears to look well-rested-- love that!

i must mention that "M" Cream has a lot of technical stuff going on, including ingredients called Nano-Claire GY, and CellTec Malus Domestica that work to firm skin and slow down the aging process, respectively. i won't get into it heavily, but 3Lab definitely has worked hard to create a product that actually does what it says it will do.

"M" Cream is amazing, amazing, amazing and absolutely makes my skin look fabulous (can you tell i am head over heels for this stuff?). this little wonder is splurge-worthy, but if you'd rather sample it before making the investment, you can try it for yourself at Barney's and Sak's or visit to get a whole kit of goodies, including a sample of this, for around $50.

visit to learn more about "M" Cream.



Anonymous said...

i just got this in mail too! so excited to try it.

Jessica Allison said...

I got my sample in Beautyfix also- I know everyone seems to love it, but with only a 2 week supply, how can anyone tell if it's really worth the steep price tag. Yeah, it felt good & smelled good (an awful lot like Origins' products, I thought) but is that worth the markup? I'm not convinced...