Tuesday, July 28, 2009

YBF Skincare Quench Lip Treatment

heal. refresh. protect. those are the goals of YBF's Quench lip treatment. i was so excited to when the brand sent me this product to try lips always deserve to be pampered and treated no matter what time of year, and since this has been with me through many different weather conditions, i can tell you that it really does reach those goals. it does a great job of keeping my lips in good condition, and has become one of my favorite lip balms.

unlike many lip treatments that contain peppermint, as Quench does, this doesn't sting or "bite" at my lips-- it's more of a cooling sensation. other ingredients, like meadowfoam seed oil (a highly moisturizing and rejuvenating oil that forms a moisture barrier over the skin, preventing moisture loss), and vitamins E and C, help keep my lips looking and feeling fabulous (what woman doesn't want soft, beautiful lips?). plus, when lips are well moisturized, lipstick goes on and looks so much better!

you can order Quench online at theskincareshop.com

image courtesy of YBF-Skincare.com

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