Wednesday, September 23, 2009

review: Cover FX MintGlaze FX

Cover FX's MintGlaze FX is minty, as the name suggests, and a hydrating lip treatment that works to get lips in lipstick (or gloss)-ready condition.

it even has SPF 15!

typically, i apply MintGlaze to my lips in the morning after my skincare products. as i apply my makeup, the cool minty flavor helps wake my lips up, and by the time i'm finished, my pout is smooth and ready for whatever lippie i decide to wear for the day.

this very simple, and easy to use, product is one i highly recommend you own yourself-- i love it! if you prefer to try before you buy, head to your local Sephora and ask them for a sample to take home for yourself!

visit for more info on all Cover FX products.


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