Saturday, October 3, 2009

nail color of the week: Chanel Lotus Rouge

i was at Neiman Marcus last week (i love their beauty department, of course!) to scope out the new Chanel collection (specifically the nail color Dragon), and found it wasn't quite the red i was expecting. i find that i like red nail polishes that lean more toward a berry tone-- Chanel's Lotus Rouge is definitely in that family. i think this creamy red (first released in 2007) is a fabulous shade of red, and would look great on any skintone.

what is your favorite red nail polish?

pic taken by me :)


Marina said...

Beautiful color! And I really like the shape of your nails:)

monique said...

thanks Marina! :)

Andreea said...

I love Marylin a red-pinkish hue from CHANEL, also! Very bright and with a bit sparkle so it is pretty easy to get long with. Love this colour, wonder if I am able to apply it so neat... Love your nails, too!
Oh, I get allergic reactions form nearly every nail polish but from CHANEL. Not good for my $$...