Friday, October 2, 2009

What I'm Shopping For: Boots!

it's that time of year-- boots are everywhere despite the still warm weather. well, at least it's cooling off, so that's definitely something to be thankful for!

ok, on to what i really want to dish about: boots!

my search for the footwear-- that will keep my feet dry during the rain and make my cooler-weather pieces even more exciting and fun to wear when its cold-- has begun. here are a few (ok, more than a few) pairs-- from ankle boots to knee highs-- that i found while perusing the 'net that just might inspire your next boot purchase...

ankle boots:

Fioni Sasha Ruffle Bootie

Spring Swick Bootie

Kelsi Dagger Rosabella


White Mountain Flirt

Naughty Monkey D-Ring Boot

GoJane Slouchy Suede High Heel Boot

a little different:

Type Z Danica

Seychelles Dos I Do DOS-I-DO

**tell me: what type of boots do you shop for each year? do you stick with traditional styles, go with the trends or a little of both? leave your answers in the comments!



Valerie said...

Yes! I love Fall and boots are a great by product of this season. :D I'm looking forward to buying and wearing boots for certain this season.

sweets5260 said...

the last time i bought boots, was awhile back...i bought some brown faux crocidile boots from one of our favorite designers: tory burch...they were pricey but totally worth the investment....but the real reason i like them is because i get compliments all the time! So if you can, check out that store...i haven't looked in there for ages!

Rate Your Hairdresser said...

The only thing I like about winter/fall is the chance to wear boots again. I prefer the classic, black knee high, high-heeled leather boot. Always classic, always hot. :)

Andrea said...

I'm always in search of the perfect boot for fall/winter! I love your picks - especially the Fioni Sasha Ruffle Bootie - cute!

monique said...

Valerie-- hope you find some great ones! :)

Sweets-- i love Tory's shoes! i'll definitely have to go and see what boots at her store now!

RYH-- really? i love fall/winter. summer gets too hot, LOL! and yes, black knee-highs are always fabulous! :)

Andrea-- now is the best time to find them! thanks-- they're also super cute in person.