Wednesday, October 28, 2009

nail color of the week: OPI for Sephora Mermaid to Order

something a little different: OPI for Sephora's Mermaid to Order. i bought this amazing blue-green shade at the beginning of summer on a trip to Sephora with my daughter. we both said "ooohhhh, so pretty!", so i bought it.

then it sat on a shelf all summer...

top pic taken indoors with a flash; above pic taken in the sun

if mermaids were real, their tails would be this color (well, at least some of them, LOL). anyway, i finally pulled it off that shelf last week and put it on. when i went to pick up my kids from school, my daughter instantly noticed-- "you've had that for so long, i'm glad you're finally wearing it"-- of course now she wants to wear it, too. :)

you can find OPI for Sephora Mermaid to Order at Sephora or online

pics taken by me :)

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