Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beauty Girl Tip: Use Eye Cream

here's a tip for your peepers, the windows to your soul, the...ok, you get the eye-dea (ooh, that was bad, wasn't it?):

use an eye cream. even if you're only 21 and don't think you need one-- trust me you will thank me in ten years. eye creams do everything from reducing puffiness to diminish dark circles to softening fine lines and wrinkles. good ones can be found at every price point!

one i'm enjoying right now:

Lumene Time Freeze Instant Cooling Eye Stick (you can find it at CVS and on is a refreshing eye cream that i have been using in the morning to wake up my tired peepers. i received this while i was in nyc from the some fabulous PR gals. i love the smooth texture, and there's no messing with a tube-- just swipe it under your eyes and pat in until absorbed.

eye creams my beauty blogging gal pals love:

Alyson (@glossmenagerie on Twitter, loves 100% Pure's Coffee Eye Cream

Erika (@makeupbag on Twitter, recommends Chanel's Sublimage Eye-- "so rich and creamy!"

Amy (@thebeautychick3 on Twitter, has been using DeClars Lifting Eye Serum

let's dish! do you use an eye cream? why or why not? what is your favorite?

Lumene Eye Stick received from PR for review consideration
eye stick pic taken by me :)


Unknown said...

I use Clinique All About Eyes Rich but that's almost finished (2nd pot) and I'd like to try another. I'm researching at the moment so I can just switch over when I run out.

Rate Your Hairdresser said...

I have been using eye cream for as long as I can remember. The tissue around the eye is exquisitely delicate and the first to show signs of aging. Right now I'm using MAC's Fast Response Eye Cream.

Cure4darkcircles said...

eye cream for reducing dark circles that's sound good.