Wednesday, November 4, 2009

hair therapy: Victoria Beckham's New 'Do

Victoria Beckham wore her hair a bit different at the Lakers game over the weekend. the Telegraph UK describes it as short, sweet and just a little shaggy and undeniably feminine-- i concur. this hew style definitely softens her up. she looks amazing...

agree? disagree??

let me know!

source: Telegraph UK via NY Mag's The Cut
photo: Getty Images


Valerie said...

Oh I love that! Her hair looks amazing. I wish I could pull that off, but I'm way too scared to cut mine that short.

Gabriela C-Frantz said...

Well it sure does look more fun and appropriate for a Bball game :) I rather appreciate that she doesn't always have her uber-trendy-chic do that I really like but like Valerie I'm not ready for that kind of do yet.

Thanks for the share :)