Friday, January 22, 2010

nail color of the week: OPI DS Extravagance

from the fabulous Designer Series, OPI's DS Extravagance was my choice of nail color to wear this week. it really helped cheer me up in this gloomy weather. this pretty and sparkly magenta would put any beauty girl in a better mood, don't you think?

i bought my bottle at Cosmoprof (for industry pros only), but you can visit to find a retailer near you.



Catherine said...

How did you find applying this? I've found sparkly polish can sometimes be a bit tricky. I only ask because I truly want to try this shade on my toes come the nice weather! Reminds me of something cold involving raspberries and prosecco...

monique said...

hi Catherine!

nope, i didn't have any problems applying this. the sparkles are super fine, so i found it was just like applying any other shade. :)