Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The New Classic Accessory: Nude Shoes

i have been obsessed with nudes. now before you go there, i'm talking about the color. especially when it comes to my bags and shoes. nude was once "the hottest trend", but in my opinion is now a new "classic". nude shoes really makes sense: they go with anything and everything!

to me, nude refers to different tones, not just one color. when i think of the term, it ranges from a sandy beige to a deep cocoa-- think skintones.

if you pay attention to footwear on the red carpet, you'll notice that most actresses wear nude shoes because it makes legs appear to be longer. there is no break between the leg and shoes if the color matches your skin. nude shoes also offer us gals the reliability of always having the "right shoe" rather than having to hunt down the perfect shoe to go with that new ensemble.

of course, that doesn't mean we have to stop buying those fun, colorful shoes...

here are some examples (getting as close to your own skintone is best, but even if you're off a bit, it will still look chic):


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Katrina Spencer said...

I had the perfect pair of nude shoes but loaned them out and haven't had the heart to ask for them back. Now I'm on the hunt again. These shoes are must have for spring. (Or any season really!) Nice post.