Friday, February 5, 2010

hair therapy: Ji Baek's Must-Have Hair Mask

in my opinion, Rescue Beauty makes the most amazing nail polishes. though i only own three polishes (pricey little gems, they are), i still have found the formula to be incredible. Ji Baek, the fabulous mind behind the brand and owner of the Rescue Beauty Lounges in nyc, was featured in the february issue of Real Simple magazine talking about her favorite way to get her hair soft and shiny.

according to the interview (a small paragraph, but very informative all the same), Ji uses Hamandi Shea Mask twice a week. after wetting her hair, she applies a handful of the rich conditioner to her hair, then wraps it up in a plastic bag to let it deeply penetrate her hair. after 20 minutes, she rinses it out.

this is something i need to try asap!!

btw, when she wants a fool-proof, lower-cost way to moisturize lack-luster hair, she uses "good, old-fashioned mayonnaise".


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