Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blemish Fighter: SAMPAR Prodigal Pen

i was first introduced to SAMPAR at a skincare industry trade show a few years ago. the pink and black display booth instantly caught my eye (i love pink!). the rep showed my a few things, and i was quickly taken with a little product called Prodigal Pen. i bought two. i mean, honestly, who doesn't want to keep pesky blemishes at bay? i certainly did.

the rollerball "pen" is easy to apply and you can concentrate on the areas you need to have treated, anywhere and anytime. essential oils, including lavender, sage, rosemary and thyme work to treat blemishes on contact. the formula disinfects and soothes skin, making blemishes clear up fast.

when those Prodigal Pens ran out, i had no way of knowing how to re-order them (they weren't as easy to find as they are now). then a fabulous thing happened-- a PR rep, who i have come to know via Twitter, sent another to me about 6 months ago and now i know where to buy them. :)

this is a must-have if you experience any breakouts and need to heal them up fast. it even works on bug bites, rashes and razor burn. i love, love, love the Prodigal Pen so much, i'm even a fan on Facebook.

visit samparusa.com for more info on the Prodigal Pen and beauty360.com to purchase.

pic taken by me :)

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Debbie said...

I love this product! I found it for buy one get one free at the bffbeautyshop website. It got rid of my acne!