Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jan Marini Age Intervention Prime Face Primer

primers are a must-have and are especially so when you want to achieve a long-lasting finish for your foundation. Jan Marini Age Intervention Prime Face Primer does this and also has the added benefit of being and anti-aging product (gotta love that!). i've been using it for a little less than 2 months and have become a huge fan.

anti-aging ingredients like co-enzymeQ10, peptides, pomegranate and green and white tea extracts work to fight off free-radicals (they leave skin looking dull, tired and older-- they are not our friends) while hyaluronic acid keeps moisture in the skin, making it appear more plump (this is good since our faces lose volume as we age). the effect upon first application was that of a more "soft-focus" finish to my skin.

the primer itself feels super smooth and dries to a powdery consistency after application. i've noticed that over the past few weeks it has helped in improve the texture of my skin. it looks smoother and more polished before and after i put on my foundation. i'm so thankful to have been given the opportunity to try this new product-- my skin is thankful too! :)

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product sent to me by the brand for review
pics taken by me :)

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