Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beauty Blog Network Weekend Read

happy saturday beauties! hope your week went well and you're treating yourself to an enjoyable weekend. today my daughter's bff is coming to spend the night-- she is beyond excited!

one thing i love about the two of them is that they are almost complete opposites-- both 10, my daughter is a nail polish-wearing, dress-loving, "mom, does this purse go with this outfit?"-girl while her bff is a baseball-loving tomboy who would only wear a dress for a special occasion (she does like nail polish, though!). they love each other so much and seeing them grow up has been such a treat (they have known each other since they were 2).

in any case, the night should be interesting-- full of giggles, games and maybe some nail polish... :)

for now, i'm reading some posts from the past week from some fabulous Beauty Blog Network bloggers-- join me!

Beauty Girl Musings is inspired by a new hair product from BE Beverly Hills-- it adds shine, conditions, and protects tresses from harmful heat styling. Read about it here!

A Touch of Blusher reviews Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion SPF 15.

*The Makeup Divas is giving away 5 TUBES of Kymaro Fix My Roots to 5 lucky winners! Giveaway ends July 13th so hurry and enter today.

*Raging Rouge and Cosmetique have teamed up for a Jean-Michelle beauty giveaway.

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic checked out Completely Bare, a do it yourself facial scrub and finally found the 4th scrub she likes!

Sheila from Painted Ladies breaks down a basic lip color application.

Elke shares how to create the 'minx' effect with your eye shadow, thanks to a little help from Courtney of Phyrra.

Beauty Anonymous is looking forward to Jill Stuart's fall 2010 makeup collection.

The Makeup Blogger is grateful for the amazing new HD primer Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive Shine and Oil Control Cream



Anonymous said...

Hai Monique,

Just found out today about your blog nd lovin it ;-) !! You give me so much inspiration thnx you for that. Many greetzzz all the way from Europe!!


monique said...

hi Juanita! thanks for visiting. glad you enjoy-- hope you'll keep coming back! :)