Sunday, July 11, 2010

Total Beauty Quiz: What's Your Summer Beauty Style?

i was driving the other morning and saw a woman in full-makeup-- she looked like she was going out for a night out on the town! all i could think was, this is summer. even i'm toning it down a bit. browns and bronzes are my faves this time of year and i like to add pop of color to my eyes for variety. also allowing my skin to glow (within reason, of course, since i have oily skin) is something i'm doing more than i would in the fall.

do you have a particular look you like to go with this time of year? Total Beauty has a fun quiz to give you some inspiration based on what you're already doing. my result was Retro, which surprised me, but it's inspired me to pull out my liquid liner and false lashes! :)

Do You Know Your Summer Beauty Style?

This quiz has the answers to which celeb beauty look will work best on you

Do You Know Your Summer Beauty Style?

This is a beauty tips article

Are you into the whole dramatic, smoky eye thing or do you barely make it out of the house with mascara on? Our quiz will point you to your celeb summer beauty icon and suggest wallet-friendly products you can use to get her look.

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Kimberly said...

I got 'Polished.' Well, I'd say that's the summer look I'd like. But get...that's a whole other topic!

My look is hair back in a messy bun or a high ponytail. No foundation but a transparent mineral veil. I do the eyes up and the lips are gloss or, usually pink lipstick. And a smidgen of blush so I don't look totally like a pale-face.

monique said...

ooh, that is a good result! your current look sounds perfect for summer, Kimberly-- very fresh and pretty, i'm sure. :) xo