Wednesday, July 28, 2010

beauty on a budget: Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Makeup

long-wearing foundation is a great option for me because i have oily skin. some formulas just slide off of my face no matter how well i prep before applying them. Maybelline's new SuperStay 24HR Makeup promises 24 hour wear and no rub off. so how does it compare to my HG makes-me-look-flawless-no-matter-what-and-doesn't-go-anywhere-until-i-take-it-off foundation, Double Wear by Estee Lauder?

here's the scoop:

i was a bit sceptical, and not really looking forward to using this foundation, but i had to get over myself and just do it (and i did spend my own money on it!). to really put it to the test, i decided to take it through one of my 1 1/2 hour workouts (hey, it says right on the bottle that it lasts through heat, sweat and humidity, i had to do it!).

so, i ran for 30 minutes then took a 1 hour spin class. by the end of both, i was impressed with what i saw. there was foundation on my towel, but my "face" didn't look like it was melting off. of course, the makeup wasn't perfect if you looked at it really close, but i thought it held up well considering what i had just put it through.

following my extreme experiment, i decided to be fair and wear it for a week under normal conditions-- just everyday life. the formula has a buildable coverage, and is a bit thicker in consistency compared to DW. i noticed it didn't always look great by the end of the day, but overall, it kept decent coverage, held up well and removed easily at the end of the day.

one thing i really am not happy about is the lack of shades available (only 12). my shade, Caramel, is the lighter of the only two dark shades. i realize this is a typical issue with drugstore foundations, but this could always change.

have you tried Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Makeup? what do you think?

pic taken by me :)


Melany said...

I really liked the way you put the foundation to the "test." Thanks for going the distance for us readers!

I've never tried this Maybelline foundation, but I do use Maybelline's Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish. I absolutely loooooooooove it!

Maybelline has good products & I wouldn't mind trying the SuperStay foundation. I also use the Caramel shade.

sweets5260 said...

I really really liked this foundation. This has been the best foundation drugstore kind I've used, but the only problem was, the shade closest to my skin sets in as an ashy tone...leaving my face looking ashy. If I really think about it, I'll find a powder to undo this effect. Just haven't had the time :)