Friday, August 6, 2010

body beautiful: Wings of Nature Nutrition Bars

looking for some yummy, healthy treats that will give you energy and nourish you body? let me introduce you to Wings of Nature's Nutrition Bars. they're made with whole, natural ingredients and perfect when you need a snack. i never thought these would be as good as my favorite Lara bars, but they have won me over, for sure.

while you may find the words healthy and decadent hard to put into the same sentence, these bars are just that. they are are so good for you and taste amazingly delish! take a look (and try not to drool)...

Cranberry Crunch was my first pick to try. i love cranberries, and the ingredients (peanuts*, raisins*, sesame seeds*, agave syrup*, almonds*, rice syrup*, crisp brown rice*, cranberries (cranberries*, apple juice concentrate*, sunflower oil*), pumpkin seeds*, cranberry flavor*) worked fabulously together to create a deliciously satisfying, chewy, sweet and nutty snack. i was only disappointed when it was gone.

Espresso Coffee Bar was my pick once my next snacking opportunity came around. this bar combines the rich flavor of espresso and cocoa that is mmm, mmm, good! the coffee flavor is so well-balanced-- any coffee or espresso-lover will enjoy this one. ingredients include: sun dried raisins*, brazil nuts*, cocoa cass, sunflower seeds*, agave syrup*, crisp brown rice*, walnuts*, brown rice syrup*, roasted coffee beans* and espresso flavor*.

Almond Raisin Bar was the last bar to be tried, and i still can't decide if this is my favorite one. sesame seeds*, raisins*, agave syrup*, sunflower seeds*, almonds*, rice syrup*, crisp brown rice* and pumpkin seeds* made my taste buds so happy-- i loved the salty sweetness and the chewiness was perfect.

all of these bars are low sodium, good sources of fiber, vegan, dairy free, certified organic and kosher, and are low glycemic (keeps blood sugar levels in check). they're all also free of preservative, additives, cholesterol, gluten and trans fats, and are non GMO-- healthy, healthy, healthy! :)

currently, Wings of Nature Bars can be found in a few (very few) stores, but are sold in packs of 24 online. hopefully, they'll be expanding soon! visit their website, for more info.

products featured were sent to me for review; *certified organic by OC/PRO Canada K9V 4R1 Cert. #648

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Libby's Pink Vanity said...

these made my mouth water. hand over that almond raisin one!!!