Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oribe Gives Scarlett Johansson a New, Modern Bob

celeb hair guru, Oribe, recently worked with actress Scarlett Johansson to create for her a fabulous new hairstyle. the end result: a lighter-feeling, more modern bob.

Oribe says, "this haircut has a lot of versatility. it's very modern-- a medium-length to longer bob, cut in a really jagged line at the bottom. we kept the good parts of Scarlett's longer hair-- the softer ends-- and took length off the back. the cut isn't super-angled, and it isn't incredibly severe-- it's softer and more wearable. there are a million directions you can take with this haircut-- it's not your typical bob. Scarlett's hair was photographed in more of a natural state, but you can do so much with this style."

want to know more details about ScarJo's new cut? head over to!

source:; images: Kevin Winter/Getty Images


Kimberly said...

EEEeeeee! I pitched a FIT when a new hairdresser actually cut my hair like this last Nov. Not bothering to do a damn with with it, it looks just like hers. Fab? Really?
It's hideous. :(

monique said...

sorry to hear that, Kimberly! i guess a longer bob wasn't what you asked for, huh? i actually like this style on Scarlett, but like you, you probably not want it on my own head, LOL! :)


Sophia said...

She looks pretty cute! Thanks for posting!