Friday, September 10, 2010

MAC 'Going Bananas' Eyeshadow from the Dare to Wear Collection

a little over a month ago, i took the plunge and bought an eyeshadow color i never thought i'd wear. i had heard some good things about it, and, being the makeup junkie i am, was content with the idea of just collecting another LE eyeshadow from MAC if i didn't like the way it looked on me. the great thing is, it actually does look good and i love wearing it!

the color i'm talking about is called Going Bananas and it was one of many funky, bright shades in the Dare to Wear collection. this bright yellow isn't as bold on the eye as i thought it would be. it's finish is a frost, but not glittery and definitely not matte. on my eyes, it adds a nice pop of color and looks good with any other shade i choose to pair it with (who knew?)

the whole collection:

Dare to Wear Lipglass shades:

Dare to Dare-- light blue pink with multi-pearl
Bold & Brash-- bright red with multi-pearl
Ban This!-- deep purple with multi-pearl
Gimme That!-- bright fuchsia pink with pink pearl
So Bad-- mid-tone coral orange with pink and gold pearl
Wind Me Up-- dirty bronze with pink and gold pearl


Louder, Please-- bright fuchsia (matte)
Free to Be-- creamy true coral (matte)
Going Bananas-- soft lemon yellow (frost)
Lime-- lime green (matte)
Sassy Grass-- bright grass green (matte)
Atlantic Blue-- bright violet blue (matte)
Crazy Cool-- pale frosty lavender (veluxe pearl)
Shock-a-holic-- deep purple (matte)
Aqua-- subdued, pale greyed aqua (matte)
Sky Blue-- robin's egg blue (frost)
Winkle-- mid-tone cornflower blue (satin)
Zingy-- bright sky blue (matte)

Dare to Wear is still available online (, but not much longer. if you're like me and sometimes procrastinate, you'll be happy to know that there still just maight be products left in stock at your local MAC even if there isn't a display out (trust me, i've done this many times in the past). :)

pics taken by me :)

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