Tuesday, September 7, 2010

new product alert: Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

in the world of beauty, Boscia really stands out among other skincare brands. their products are botanically-based as well as preservative and chemical-free, so all skin gets are yummy ingredients to nourish, replenish, purify and pamper it (and those of us who can be sensitive to some don't have to worry about irritation!).

their latest and greatest comes in the form of a mask-- a peel-off mask to be specific-- and while it's a bit messy at first, the results are definitely worth it.

my first experience with this wasn't a total home run. i didn't apply it thick enough, like the directions say to, so i didn't get to peel all of it off. this wasn't a big issue, though. i just used a wash cloth to remove it and rinsed the rest away. my second attempt (and each time since), however, was much better, and i had fun "peeling my face off" once the mask dried (haha, don't lie, you know that's the fun part!).

now i enjoy using this mask twice a week. it's little pampering product that forces me relax at the end of the day, keeps my skin glowing and is fun to use (but be warned, like i mentioned before, it's a little messy).

find Boscia Luminizing Black Mask exclusively at Sephora.

product featured sent to me for review consideration.

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