Tuesday, October 19, 2010

beauty basics: Goodie Statements Collection

think about the things that never go out of style: the LBD, a fabulous trench coat, a pencil skirt-- there's obviously more to this list, but you get the idea. all of these items provide your wardrobe with classic and elegant touches year after year, which makes them essential. with that idea in mind, Goody has created their Statements Collection so your hairstyle will always be on trend, no matter what's currently trendy.

the Goody Statements Collection aims to keep a timeless style, even as seasons and trends change. with these hair accessories, it's easy to add luster to your locks with something like the Tortoise Buckle Headband. if you're looking to bring some prep to your style, the Mini Tortoise Claw Clips or Rectangle Tortoise Barrettes are fabulous picks, not to mention gorgeous!

find the Goody Statements Collection now at Target.


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