Friday, February 25, 2011

total beauty: 23 tried, tested and rejected anti-aging products

before you head out to buy a new anti-aging product, check out this list of poor performing products as reveiwed by real women at Total Beauty's website!
23 Horrible Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Readers say these anti-aging products did nothing that they claimed to do

23 Horrible Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

This is a anti-aging skin care article

To help save you from getting hurt by these products that don't deliver, we're here to share a list of the anti-aging goods our readers have tried, tested and rejected.

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No. 23: Cosmedicine MegaDose Skin Fortifying Serum, $60 average reader rating: 6

"I was completely disgusted by the smell. I don't know what this is 'supposed' to do for your skin, but the smell makes me not care."

No. 22: L'Oreal Paris RevitaLift Complete Lotion SPF 15, $16.59 average reader rating: 6

"I tried using this once and had to stop, [because it made my] face start to itch and feel dry."

No. 21: Benefit Eyecon, $28 average reader rating: 6

"After applying it twice a day for over a month" one reader didn't see "changes under my eyes" or "any lightening at all."

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