Monday, March 14, 2011

hello monday...and a new lipgloss

do you find that your week just flies by? i do-- here it is monday again! after a busy weekend (and a time change, boo), i am now looking back on last week and thinking, "where did it go?"

well, in a nutshell...

i put some more miles on my running shoes, went on two 4+ mile hikes, began reading some new books, caught up with an old friend, treated myself to a very overdue pedicure (ahhh...), cooked some new recipes and bought myself a new lipgloss.

all of that in addition to the everyday tasks that come along with being a mom and wife.


so, back to the lipgloss...

it's Revlon's new ColorBurst gloss that i bought from my local Walgreens while waiting for a prescription to be filled (waiting is so dangerous, i must say-- i always linger in the beauty department, and the longer i'm there, the more money i end up spending!). it just so happened that the beauty advisor had a coupon and the lippie was on sale, so i couldn't resist.

i chose Sunset Peach, a slightly sheer, but oh-so pretty shade (yes, i realize it's a "safe" shade, but in my defense, the color i wanted to initially get was sold out). the soft texture feels fabulous on my lips and it's not sticky in the slightest. i love the tube as well. it reminds me of a Chanel gloss-- wouldn't you agree?? in any case, i will definitely be buying a few more of these.

hope your week was a great one-- here's to another one. ;)

first image via; lipgloss pic taken by me :)


Wish I Was Audrey said...

That is a REALLY pretty color!

ohheyhellothere. said...

That's a lovely shade for a lipgloss. :)

Ling @ the best beauty blog said...

WOWEE!! What a pretty colour :) I love Revlon as they are good and affordable products