Friday, March 25, 2011

worth the wait...OPI Black Shatter!

i have been waiting (and waiting...) for OPI Black Shatter for some time now. it seemed everywhere i could possibly get it didn't have it because they sold out so quickly (obviously, i'm not the only nail polish fan in my area!).


until wednesday when i took a chance at Trade Secret and found they had just received a new shipment-- yes! i was beyond excited. i have been telling my daughter all about it and she, a huge nail polish fan, didn't stop asking me every other week, "did you find it yet?".


in any case, i did find it and as soon as i was able, swpied a coat over my fresh manicure (pic at top; the color is an old fave, Color Club Ms. Socialite). i have to say, i love it! it's no wonder it's so popular. plus, application is so easy-- one coat, let it sit, and within a minute you've got a most fabulous shattered mani! a top coat is necessary if you want it to be shiny, but other than that you really can't mess it up.

my baby girl's nails, Shatter over Sally Hansen Choco-Latte...cute, no?

have you tried OPI Shatter yet?

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